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Strategic Account Executive

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What does a Strategic Account Executive do?

A Strategic Account Executive is responsible for meeting strategic goals by identifying, anticipating, and fulfilling the needs of clients. Working in a variety of industries, including public relations, sales, advertising, graphic design, and others, the Strategic Account Executive is the go-to person for every account.

For example, if you work as a Strategic Account Executive for an automotive parts supplier, you sell your company’s parts to auto manufacturers. Beyond selling a certain number of door handles to the manufacturer, you also identify other needs that can be fulfilled by your company. You know the manufacturer is creating a new line of cars featuring chrome door handles, and since your company makes and sells those too, you anticipate the need and negotiate a deal between the two companies.

Tapping into your sales acumen, you’re also responsible for acting as a liaison between your company and potential clients. Expanding the market share for your company (that is, how many auto manufacturers purchase door handles from you) not only increases your income, but it also helps the company to grow.

Excellent interpersonal communication skills are essential in this position, as you’re responsible for negotiating contracts, overseeing the delivery of products, and resolving client problems should they arise. Analytical skills are also required as you evaluate current market trends and make knowledgeable recommendations to clients. For instance, if customer data shows a movement away from chrome door handles and a trend toward opaque ones, you advise your client to consider opaque handles instead.

This is a fast-paced position, and you face new challenges on a daily basis. But if you enjoy frequent interaction with clients and the thrill of closing the deal, then this is definitely a very apt and exciting career choice.