Strap Folding Machine Operator

Tend machines that automatically fold uncured rubber strips.

What does a Strap Folding Machine Operator do?

Tends machines that automatically fold uncured rubber strip or coated friction tape over parallel reinforcing cords to form strap material to which buckles, eyelets, or snaps are attached for use on rubber footwear: Calculates from work orders width, length, and quantity of stock to be made and prepares production schedule. Selects cord, strip or tape, and folding attachment according to work ticket. Mounts spools of cord on spindles and roll of strip or tape on arbor. Attaches folder to machine bracket by turning thumbscrews or using screwdriver. Cuts end of tape on bias, using scissors, and threads tip and cord through folder. Threads folded strap through paired rollers that press down folded edges. Positions carton at discharge end, starts machine, and runs strap material into carton. May fold and wind strip into rolls for cutting into straps by STRAP-CUTTING-MACHINE OPERATOR, using pedal-operated machine.