Stranding Machine Operator

Set up and operate rotating cylindrical-shaped stranding machines.

What does a Stranding Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates rotating cylindrical-shaped stranding machine to fabricate wire rope or electric cable: Places spools of wire of specified gauges into cradles, using electric hoist, and locks spool in place, using metal pin. Positions takeup spool onto shaft and adjusts travel of distributor to width of spool. Threads wires through holes on inside edge of machine and through twisting head and coils it around capstan, using blueprints or stranded wire as guide. Nails or hooks stranded wire onto takeup spool. Adjusts gears for specified direction of twist and speed of capstan, using wrenches. Starts machine. Pours grease into grease pot, and opens valve to lubricate strands. Adjusts clutch to regulate speed of makeup spool shaft. Observes machine to detect malfunctioning. Cuts wire when specified footage has been wound and wraps end with wire, by hand or using mechanical wrapping tool. May butt-weld ends of disjointed wires. When operating stranding machine equipped with closing attachments to prevent unraveling when rope is cut, is known as Closer. May work with fine wire to produce twisted electric-light cord and be designated Strand Buncher, Fine Wire.