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Strand and Binder Controller

Tend feed end of mat-making ranges that cut fiberglass slivers.

What does a Strand and Binder Controller do?

Tends feed end of mat-making range that cuts fiberglass sliver into staple lengths and binds staple lengths together to form continuous sheets of fiberglass insulation material: Scoops powdered binder from barrel into hopper of binder sprayer. Gathers specified number of sliver ends from creel and threads ends through guides and rollers into staple cutting units. Observes flow of sliver from creel through staple cutters to verify number of ends being fed into cutters and to detect jam-up of sliver in cutters. Stops cutter and disentangles jam-up, using knife. Drops marker onto conveyor, signifying beginning and end of defective mat. Increases or decreases number of sliver ends fed into cutters as directed by MAT-MACHINE OPERATOR.