Strainer Tender

Tend machines that screen foreign material from ground.

What does a Strainer Tender do?

Tends machines that screen foreign material from ground, devulcanized scrap rubber: Opens chute on feed conveyors or shovels scrap rubber into hopper of strainer. Starts machine that forces scrap rubber through strainer screen. Regulates speed of machine and conveyors to prevent jamming of stock. Discharges strained scrap rubber onto conveyors for transfer to refining mills, or onto handtrucks for transfer to storage. Feels strainer, and opens water valves to prevent overheating of machine and scorching of rubber. Observes rubber for color and appearance and feels strained rubber to ensure that foreign material is removed. Cleans clogged strainer screens, using scraper and solvent, or replaces clogged and worn strainer screens, using handtools. Signals drying and milling department workers to maintain specified flow of scrap rubber through strainers. May dump bags of soapstone in discharge chute to facilitate movement of stock through screen conveyor. May tend magnetic device to facilitate removal of metal from rubber. May fill containers with screened rubber to specified weight and keep record of production.