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Straight Pin Making Machine Operator

Operate battery of machines that straighten wires to form straight pins.

What does a Straight Pin Making Machine Operator do?

Operates battery of automatic machines that straighten, cut off, head, and sharpen wire to form straight pins: Places coil of wire on pedestal stand and threads end of wire through machine to heading dies. Adjusts straightening rolls, feeding arm, and stop to diameter and length of wire, using wrenches. Starts machine and measures sampling of first pins for conformance to specifications, such as length, head diameter, and angle of point to shank, using micrometers and fixed gauges. Replaces dull cutters or point-grinding bars, using handtools, such as wrenches, screwdrivers, and pliers. Mounts dies in bench lathe and removes burrs and repolishes head cavity, using stick dipped in polishing paste. Empties pin-filled catch pails into tote trays.