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Straight Line Edger

Tend machines that convey rectangular glass over grinding wheels.

What does a Straight Line Edger do?

Tends machine that conveys rectangular glass over grinding and polishing wheels to obtain pencil edge and to polish edges: Places glass on grooved conveyor with top edge of glass against guide. Attaches weights to top of glass or pulls lever to lower pressure roller that forces glass against grinding and polishing wheels. Turns handwheel to regulate speed of conveyor according to type of glass. Starts flow of coolant and polishing compound to grinding and polishing wheels. Turns glass to finish other edges and removes glass from machine. Places glass on skid. Observes quality of glass edge to determine need for wheel dressing or adjustment, and lowers or raises wheel by turning nut with wrench; or reads ammeter to determine grinding load and notifies maintenance department to adjust wheels. May wipe polishing compound from edges with cloth. May maintain record of number of pieces edged.