Stove Tender

Operate battery of stoves to supply heated airblast to blast furnace.

What does a Stove Tender do?

Operates battery of gas-fired stoves to supply heated airblast to blast furnace: Turns gas valves and ignites burners in combustion chamber of stove, using torch. Observes temperature records, and moves controls to close gas and chimney valves when heat inside stove reaches specified temperature. Opens valves on stove allowing air from blowing engine to pass through hot-blast stove into furnace. Adjusts stove controls to maintain specified temperature of airblast. Alternates operation among stoves in battery to provide continuous blast of hot air. Cleans carbon and dirt from flues to prevent internal explosions. Inspects cooling and washing equipment for leaks. Assists furnace crew in casting hot metal and flushing slag from furnace.