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Story Editor

Prepare the work of TV Scriptwriters for production.

What does a Story Editor do?

Story Editors are in the middle of the action that begins with an idea for a television show and ends with a primetime spot. They write scripts, edit material, help with productions, and work as part of a team of Television Writers.

As a Story Editor, you’re a Staff Writer, too. Staff Writers are the lucky few who’ve made the right connections, proven their willingness to sacrifice a personal life (in the short run), and, of course, demonstrated outstanding writing skills. You know, because you’ve probably held the job. Although the Staff Writer’s tasks are still part of your job responsibilities, your promotion to Story Editor gives you some supervisory responsibilities to boot.

A day in the life of a Story Editor can be chaotic, as time constraints and last-minute changes force creativity through the Writer ‘s room. It’s your job to make sure the Scriptwriters stay on task and complete the job within the allotted time. Not only are you the cheerleader and team captain, but you also edit the scripts so they’re ready when the Director yells, “Action!” That can mean pulling some late nights.

You’ve moved into a supervisory position, but that doesn’t mean you’re the boss. So, you balance your writing skills with what the network, Director, Producer, and Executive Story Editor are looking for. Who knows, you might even fill one of those seats someday!