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Stormwater Project Manager

Oversee construction projects aimed at preventing floods.

What does a Stormwater Project Manager do?

Stormwater Project Managers oversee all the forces that must come together to complete a successful stormwater project on time and on budget. Stormwater management involves analyzing precipitation like rain and snow melt, and diverting the excess water so it doesn’t impact roads, bridges, buildings, and traffic. These projects require a lot of people working together. Having someone like you on board to track all the moving parts makes life a whole lot easier.

As a Stormwater Project Manager, you are a master at seeing the big picture. You’re responsible for tasks like budgeting, goal setting, delegating, and stepping in if mistakes happen. If you are a weather junkie who loves leadership roles and has all the Boy Scout badges to prove it, a job as a Stormwater Project Manager might suit you to a T.

On a typical day, you’ll visit construction crews to make sure your plans are coming along smoothly. These workers build drainage systems and repair neighborhood water runoff structures like curbs and drains. Meanwhile, other team members under your direction will be designing more efficient systems in response to new human activities, advances in technology, or upcoming weather patterns.

Your job is really important because when water flows through cities with no set path, it picks up pollutants like motor oil. It then carries these pollutants to lakes and streams, and that contaminates a community’s water supply. Add to that the traffic nightmares that can happen when key highways are flooded. Your ultimate goal is to develop solutions to issues regarding extra water, striking a balance between helping humans and sustaining the environment.