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Storage Battery Inspector and Tester

Inspect and test storage batteries in process of manufacture.

What does a Storage Battery Inspector and Tester do?

Inspects and tests storage batteries in process of manufacture or before shipment to verify conformity with mechanical, chemical, and electrical specifications, using specified and standardized tests, procedures, and equipment and applying knowledge of battery performance, specifications, manufacture, and construction: Disassembles batteries following specified procedures. Examines battery for defects and measures battery to determine if specifications are met, using such instruments as gauges and scales. Tests specific gravity of battery acid, using hydrometer and thermometer. Places battery in water tank or refrigerator to control temperature and test electrical capacity of battery. Attaches leads to meters and equipment to charge or discharge battery as specified to determine amperage delivered at given rate. Records inspection and test results, compares results with specifications, and writes reports used in correcting manufacturing defects or developing new products. May test and disassemble returned batteries to determine cause of failure.