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Stop Motion Animator



Make animated films or shorts using the stop motion technique.

What does a Stop Motion Animator do?

A Stop Motion Animator creates a series of pictures that depicts an object in various positions. By running these pictures together you create a sense that the object moves from one position to the next on its own. This allows you to make inanimate objects, such as pennies or fruit, appear animate without digital manipulation. This strain of animation has a unique, choppy sense of motion that does not look like real life.

As a Stop Motion Animator you use this animation technique to create television shows and films. The popularity of stop motion animation has gone down with the advent of computer technology, which made more realistic-looking animation widely available. However, there is still a small pocket of demand for this art, predominantly because the stop motion movement is appealing in its uniqueness, and it offers the texture of real-life in a way computer animation has not yet achieved.

Stop motion itself is not very costly to perform, and is relatively simple to do. The difficulty, like most things, comes from doing it well. You must understand the lighting and angles of each shot to dramatize the scenes, form a compelling storyline, and utilize the stop motion choppiness as a technique to more vividly create the story you want to tell. So as a Stop Motion Animator you need to combine the art of photography with a narrative ability if you want your videos to be more than a viral hit.

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