Stop Attacher

Tend presses that attach metal stops to slide fastener stringers.

What does a Stop Attacher do?

Tends semiautomatic press that attaches metal stops to slide fastener stringers: Fills machine hopper with stops. Inserts stringer between press jaws and depresses pedal to drive prongs of stop through tape. Pulls chain through dies to machine stop to position stringer for next stroke. Picks jammed or defective stops from feeder tube, or hopper, using metal pick or tweezers. May tend machine that automatically punches, forms, and attaches stop to stringer. May hold zipper on anvil of power press by hand and depress pedal to attach stops to individual zipper. May be designated according to location of stop as Bottom-Stop Attacher; Top-Stop Attacher. May attach hardware to zipper and be designated according to type of hardware attached as Box Attacher; Bridge Attacher; Pin Attacher.