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Stone Setter

Set precious, semiprecious, or ornamental stones in jeweled items.

What does a Stone Setter do?

Sets precious, semiprecious, or ornamental stones in rings, earrings, bracelets, brooches, metal optical frames, and other jeweled items, using handtools: Places item in vise. Cuts and files setting to accommodate stones, using files, chisels, and hand or electric drills. Positions stone in setting and fixes in place by pressing prongs around stone, by raising retaining metal ridge around stone, or by tapping edges of setting with setting tool and hammer, forcing metal against stone. Smooths edges, using emery file and pointed steel tool. Examines union of stone and setting, using magnifying glass. May drill holes in settings preparatory to setting stones in piece. May replace stones in rings. May be designated according to stone set as Diamond Setter or according to item worked on as Stone Setter, Metal Optical Frames.