Stone Sandblaster

Operate sandblasting equipment to cut inscriptions and decorative designs.

What does a Stone Sandblaster do?

Operates sandblasting equipment to cut inscriptions and decorative designs on monumental stone: Dumps abrasive into mixing chamber of sandblasting equipment. Turns valve to admit compressed air into mixing chamber. Selects sandblasting nozzle according to size of lettering or intricacy of design and attaches nozzle to hose leading from mixing chamber. Moves lever or turns valve to jet abrasive through nozzle. Guides nozzle back and forth over stone surface following stencil outline to cut inscription or design in stone. Verifies work by measuring or estimating depth of cut as sandblasting progresses, using rule or employing experience in sandblasting. Removes parts of stencil or adds stencil during blasting to create differences in depth of cuts and intricate designs. May shape designs in stone, using sandblasting equipment. May sandblast stone without stencil to produce rough, pitted finish. May operate portable equipment to sandblast letters and designs on stone at cemetery sites. May cut stencils preparatory to sandblasting. May operate machine that automatically moves sandblasting nozzle back and forth over stencilled stone.