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Stone Repairer

Mend broken marble slabs to restore them to usable condition.

What does a Stone Repairer do?

Mends broken marble slabs to restore them to usable condition, using either of following methods: Cleans broken surfaces with wire brush. Heats surfaces with gas torch. Smears shellac evenly over heated surfaces from stick while playing torch flame on stick to thoroughly melt shellac. Presses broken surfaces of slabs tightly together and wipes surplus shellac from joint. Clamps sections together and allows shellac to dry. May drill holes into opposing surfaces of broken slab sections with drill press or portable electric drill and join broken slab sections with dowel pins in addition to shellac. Lays broken grooved sections of slab wrong side up on bench and fits them together. Heats marble along groove with blowtorch. Inserts sulfur-coated steel rod to completely fill groove. Scrapes off excess sulfur and allows joint to set.