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Stone Polisher

Smooth limestone, granite, and marble into glass-like surfaces.

What does a Stone Polisher do?

Stone Polishers take raw, rough materials from the earth and turn them into beautiful, lustrous pieces. Using a combination of hand tools, Stone Polishers grind, shape, and smooth commonly used stones such as granite, limestone, and marble to meet customer or product specifications.

If you’re a Stone Polisher, shaping and smoothing stone is an art you’re quite familiar with. Each project you undertake gives you a chance to turn an imperfect lump of rock into a shining stone to use in jewelry, or a large, dull slab of stone into a flawless headstone for engraving.

A thorough examination tells you all you need to know about which tools and abrasives will shape and polish a particular rock without chipping or gouging it. You wash and wet the stone, and start grinding. When you reach the end of your task, you may need to sand areas of the stone by hand. By running your fingers over its surface, you scout for any dings or cracks that need fixing.

When you’ve finished shaping and grinding the stone into the desired shape, it’s time to add that special sparkle that turns heads. Choosing your tools and polish, you go to work. You turn the stone over and over, polishing the surface until it gleams. A little extra hand polishing on the stubborn spots and you’re finished.

After washing off the stone, you present it to the customer for inspection. In this line of work, you literally leave no stone unturned.