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Stone Driller

Operate drills to bore holes in blocks or slabs of granite.

What does a Stone Driller do?

Operates drill to bore holes in blocks or slabs of granite, slate, marble, or sandstone, according to specifications: Places block of stone on machine bed and secures it in position for drilling, using electric hoist, wedges, and wooden blocks. Measures and marks block for drilling, using rule or template and marking pencil. Selects and installs specified bit in drill and starts machine. Pulls lever and turns wheels to regulate speed of machine, flow of water, and drilling speed. May drill holes in stone, using pneumatic hand drill. May sharpen drill bits, using grindstone. May be designated according to type of machine operated as Drill Operator, Pneumatic; Radial-Drill Operator; or according to material drilled as Slate Cutter.