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Stone Circular Sawyer

Set up and operate diamond-or silicon carbide-toothed circular saws.

What does a Stone Circular Sawyer do?

Sets up and operates diamond-or silicon carbide-toothed circular saw to cut blocks of stone into specified dimension: Builds bed of timbers on car preparatory to positioning stone on car. Levels stone on bed, using crowbar, wedges, blocks, rule, and spirit level. Marks dimensions on stone according to diagram, using rule, square, straightedge, and chalked string or crayon. Traces along marks on stone, using chisel and hammer. Turns crank or presses button to move car under saw frame. Presses buttons to align saw blade with line traced on stone and lower blade to stone. Starts saw and pushes lever to move rotating blade across surface of stone or move stone under blade. Turns valve to circulate water or abrasive on blade during cutting. Presses button to lower blade in stone as depth of kerf increases. Inserts bar under stone and lifts it to split stone not severed by blade. Verifies width or thickness of slab, using rule. May set saw for automatic reciprocation. May change blades as depth of kerf increases, using wrench. May attach abrasive grinding wheel to arbor to grind grooves in stone. May set end-stops according to width of cut. May read ammeter to determine resistance against blade and turn crank to adjust blade pressure against stone. May saw products, such as asbestos-cement sheets and pipes or concrete slabs. May be designated according to material cut as Marble-Cutter Operator; Slate-Cutter Operator; or according to saw operated as Diamond-Saw Operator.