Stoker Erector and Servicer

Install and repair automatic coal stokers in furnaces.

What does a Stoker Erector and Servicer do?

Installs and repairs household, commercial, and industrial automatic coal stokers in furnaces according to specifications, using handtools and welding equipment: Removes plate from side of furnace with screwdriver or wrench or cuts hole in side of furnace with acetylene torch to make opening for entrance of stoker. Places stoker in operating position with feed mechanism projecting through side plate opening or hole in furnace wall and builds up firebrick or clay around it. Installs thermostat in furnace room or other part of building, instrument panel in furnace room, and regulator on boiler or furnace. Connects regulator wires to control panel and stoker wires with control panel wires according to wiring diagram. Replaces fuses, repairs short circuits in wiring, and removes clinkers from furnace bed and pieces of metal from screw conveyor.