Stocking Inspector

Inspect unfinished hoses or socks for defects.

What does a Stocking Inspector do?

Inspects unfinished hose or socks for defects and conformance to specifications: Draws hose or socks over inspection board and inspects items for defects, such as holes, runs, torn threads, dropped stitches, and defective looping or seaming. Turns form to inspect both sides of items. Clips loose threads from items, using scissors or electric clipper with suction attachment that removes loose threads. Strips items from board if board is not equipped with automatic turning and stripping device. Sorts items according to type of imperfection. Marks production ticket. May bag first quality items for dyeing. May mark defective area of items for mending, using crayon. May inspect items conveyed by pneumatic tube to inspection station and press control to stop and flag specific machine causing defects in items. May depress pedal to rotate inspection board during inspection of items. May inspect items by hand. Where inspection is performed after each operation, may be designated Knitting Inspector; Looping Inspector; Seaming Inspector. May be designated according to type of item inspected as Sock Examiner.