Buy, sell, and trade stocks on behalf of individual investors.

What does a Stockbroker do?

Playing the stock market means learning an entirely new language, and a Stockbroker can act as a Translator. When an investor has money to spend, the Stockbroker helps them buy stocks. And when those investments begin to reap big returns, the Stockbroker helps the client make new and bigger purchases, or cash out and go home.

This work isn’t just helpful, it’s required. Investors must use Stockbrokers to play the market.

As a Stockbroker, you work mostly with individual investors, buying and selling stock on their behalf. Some clients know exactly what they want to buy or sell, and they notify you of those choices via computer or telephone. Other clients need your guidance to make good decisions, and you talk to them about their investment goals in depth before you buy or sell as their Representative. There are some clients who trust you so completely that they allow you to buy and sell stocks on their behalf without consulting them first.

Some clients would rather fund companies in a more direct fashion, underwriting their ventures in return for bonds or stock in the company. When this happens, you refer the client to an Investment Banker who handles the transaction.

Finding clients takes up a significant amount of your time, and you spend hours on the phone calling random people and talking to them about your wonderful skills and qualifications. You’re rarely off duty, and you’re known for handing out business cards and letters of recommendation at parties, movies, and social gatherings.