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Stock Supervisor

Oversee a company's inventory and stock workers.

What does a Stock Supervisor do?

A Stock Supervisor oversees a company’s stockroom, warehouse, or yard. It’s a bit like overseeing your pantry at home. To make dinner, you’ve got to know what ingredients you need and in what quantities, and then you’ve got to establish what’s in your pantry so you can go shopping.

It’s simple — unless you’re making stuff instead of supper. Just like a Chef making a meal, a corporation making merchandise must monitor and stock its “pantry.” The process is decidedly more complex, however, and therefore requires the expert assistance of a Stock Supervisor.

When you’re a Stock Supervisor, your “pantry” could be a small stockroom at a retail store, or a mammoth warehouse where a manufacturing company stores raw materials and finished products. Either way, it’s a circus full of boxes, forklifts, and loading docks — and you’re the Ringmaster.

Your duties encompass all aspects of ordering, receiving, storing, inventorying, issuing, and shipping materials, supplies, tools, equipment, and parts. While workers such as Stock Clerks and Inventory Clerks do most of the actual labor, it’s your responsibility to manage and supervise them to make sure they work effectively, efficiently, and safely. Your tasks therefore include scheduling and training warehouse employees, keeping and analyzing stock-control records, keeping inventories, and enforcing best practices, processes, and procedures for stockroom operations.

Because efficiency is your number one priority, you’re also expected to plan and design the layout of warehouse storage areas based on stored items’ turnover, size, and weight.

Think of it like this: If your business were a body, you’d be its circulatory system, supplying all the other systems with what they need!