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Stock Patcher

Repair defective or damaged wooden gunstocks and forearms.

What does a Stock Patcher do?

Repairs defective or damaged wooden gunstocks and forearms: Trims outline of holes, cracks, chips, and splintered sections to form seat for patch, using punches, chisels, and hammers. Selects wood of matching grain and color and shapes wedges or dowels to form patch, using knives, files, benchsaw, and sanding wheel. Brushes patch with adhesive and positions it in seat. Places patched section between pole plates of heating machine to set adhesive. Trims patch flush with stock surface. Melts stick shellac into scratches, patched section, dents, and blemishes to fill damaged areas, using soldering iron or heated file. Removes excess shellac from repaired area, using sandpaper. May attach specified bakelite cap or ebony tip on stock.