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Stock Parts Inspector

Inspect furniture parts for defects and repairs defective parts.

What does a Stock Parts Inspector do?

Inspects furniture parts for defects and repairs defective parts: Examines furniture parts, such as table and cabinet tops, end panels, and furniture legs for knot holes, cracks, splits, scratches, raised veneer, and defective sanding. Selects filler to match color, type, and species of stock piece, and fills cracks, holes, and dents with filler, using putty knife. Places electric iron on repaired wood defect to dry filler. Smooths rough places with sandpaper and hand plane. Verifies pieces inspected against cutting orders. Orders replacement parts, indicating number of pieces needed, pattern number, and dimensions. May cut out defects, using portable electric saw or knife, and glue patch for patch strips in cutout area. May fill splits with glue and clamp stock for specified time to allow glue to dry.