Stock Market Analyst

Follow the stock market to guide consumers toward good investments.

What does a Stock Market Analyst do?

Stock Market Analysts are obsessed with the stock market like men are obsessed with football. While men can’t take their eyes off a game on TV, Stock Market Analysts can’t take theirs off the ticker at the bottom of the screen. That’s because their paychecks depend on being constantly aware of what the market is doing.

As a Stock Market Analyst, your skills are unequaled in the investing world. Not only do you scrutinize every change that happens in the stock market, but you also identify and label global trends. While others are seeing the devastating infrastructural damage caused by a tsunami, your mind is clicking through the effects it will have on national and international markets, which companies in the region will go out of business, and whether the disaster will affect the stability of the currency markets.

While you are constantly tuned in to current events, you are equally focused on the movement of stocks for individual companies. You study trends, such as how much the purchase price rises and falls within a window of time. With these volumes of information, you confidently advise major investors (such as businesses) about where to plant their money.

Your paper-strewn desk might be in a room of your house, but more commonly, you work for major investment banks, brokerage houses, insurance companies, or large corporations. With your research skills, dedication to accuracy, and passion for the high-risk world of stocks, you help these companies make sound investments.