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Stock Control Clerk

Perform tasks to compile records.

What does a Stock Control Clerk do?

Performs any combination of following tasks to compile records concerned with ordering, receiving, storing, issuing, and shipping materials, supplies, and equipment: Compiles data from sources, such as contracts, purchase orders, invoices, requisitions, and accounting reports and writes, types, or enters information into computer to maintain inventory, purchasing, shipping, or other records. Keeps back order file in established sequence and releases back orders for issue or shipment as stock becomes available. Compiles stock control records and information, such as consumption rate, characteristics of items in storage, and current market conditions, to determine stock supply and need for replenishment. Prepares requisitions, orders, or other documents for purchasing or requisitioning new or additional stock items. Compares nomenclature, stock numbers, authorized substitutes, and other listed information with catalogs, manuals, parts lists, and similar references to verify accuracy of requisitions and shipping orders. Reviews files to determine unused items and recommends disposal of excess stock.