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Stock Checkerer I

Carve checkered designs and borders in wooden gunstocks.

What does a Stock Checkerer I do?

Carves checkered designs and borders in wooden gunstocks, forearms, and slide handles to provide decorative gripping surfaces: Positions paper or plastic pattern on workpiece and dusts with powdered chalk to transfer outline to surface of wood. Secures workpiece in holding device to facilitate tooling over pattern area. Engraves grooves and decorative borders within chalked outline, using hand checkering and rabbeting tools. May rout recesses in workpiece, using carving tools, and insert wood or metal inlays. May sketch and engrave special designs, such as scrolls, oak leaves, birds, or animals, and be designated Carver And Checkerer, Specials. May carve borders only and be designated Borderer; or repair defective checkering on worn or damaged stocks and be designated Repairer And Checker.