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Stitching Machine Operator

Set up and operate machines to stitch and trim flat sheets of paper.

What does a Stitching Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates machine to automatically gather, stitch, and trim folded signatures or flat sheets of paper to form paperbound books, magazines, pamphlets, catalogs, or booklets: Examines work order to determine work instructions. Adjusts feeder pockets to size of folded signatures or flat sheets. Adjusts air pressure pump to separate sheets. Sets stitchers for specified length and thickness of stitch and threads stitching wire into machine. Sets trimmer knives to trim three sides of publication to specified size. Starts machine and makes trial run. Readjusts machine setup if necessary, and regulates machine speed. Takes periodic readings of counter and records number of publications produced or examines samples periodically for defects and records number as indicated on counter to determine when problem occurred. Gives directions to crewmembers engaged in feeding and off bearing activities. May feed and off bear machine. May oil, grease, and clean machine parts and make minor repairs to keep machine in working condition. May be designated according to type of stitching machine operated as Saddle-Stitching-Machine Operator. May set up and operate machine to apply glue to backs of books prior to trimming and be designated Side-Stitching-Machine Operator. May set up and operate related stitching machines.