Still Pump Operator

Operate steam- or electric-driven pumps.

What does a Still Pump Operator do?

Operates steam- or electric-driven pumps to circulate crude, semiprocessed, and finished petroleum products, water, and chemical solutions through processing, storage, and shipping departments of refinery, according to work orders: Starts pumps in specified units, observes flowmeters and pressure meters, and turns valves and switches to change pumping rates, as directed by PUMPER. Turns handwheels to open or close tank and pipeline valves to direct flow of products to specified destinations. Observes operation of pumping equipment to detect malfunctioning and leakage. Lubricates cocks, valves, joints, and pumps, using oilcan and grease gun. Tightens bolts and screws to adjust and repair equipment, using handtools. Gauges contents of tank, using gauging tape. May record operating data, such as products and quantities pumped, stocks used, gauging results, and operating time. May remove sample from tank and test it for specific gravity and color. May repair and overhaul pumps [PUMP SERVICER]. May blend oils or gasolines [BLENDER]. May communicate with PUMPER by radio or telephone to send and receive pumping and gauging information. May be designated according to specialty as Cooling-Tower Operator.