Still Operator II

Control stills from central control boards to distill brandy.

What does a Still Operator II do?

Controls still from central control board, to distill brandy, gin, vodka, or whiskey: Adjusts valves to control temperature and rate of flow of distilling materials through still and auxiliary equipment, such as stripping column, rectifier, condenser, and tribox. Observes gauges, dials, and charts to ensure that temperature and rate of flow of distillants are maintained according to formula, so that specified proof of distilled liquor is obtained. Ascertains temperature and specific gravity of liquor, using thermometer and hydrometer, and compares readings with standard gauging manual to determine proof of distilled liquor. Draws sample of distilled liquor for laboratory analysis. Pumps distilled liquor from tribox into cistern tank to be regauged. May be designated according to type of liquor distilled as Still Operator, Brandy; Still Operator, Gin; Still Operator, Whiskey.