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Apply sizing solution to hat or hat parts.

What does a Stiffener do?

Applies sizing solution, such as gelatin, glue, lacquer, paint, or shellac to hat or hat parts to stiffen, waterproof, or impart finish to hat: Pours premixed solutions into container or thins solution, following work order specifications. Applies solution to hat or hat parts by any combination of following tasks. Brushes or sponges solution onto articles; dips articles into tub of solution; sprays solution onto article, using spray gun; inserts parts between solution-coated rollers of machine. Places articles on holder of machine that spins articles to remove surplus liquid. Hangs articles on pegs or on holders of conveyor belt that carries articles through drying room to complete drying and stiffening operation. May be designated according to hat or hat part stiffened as Brim Stiffener; Panama-Hat Smearer; Strawhat Sizer; or according to solution used in sizing article as Lacquer Sizer; Varnisher. When reapplying sizing solution to article to cover thin spots in original coating, may be known as Retouching Operator.