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Supervise activities of pantry, storeroom, and non-cooking kitchen workers.

What does a Steward/Stewardess do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of pantry, storeroom, and noncooking kitchen workers, and purchases or requisitions foodstuffs, kitchen supplies, and equipment: Inspects kitchens and storerooms to ensure that premises and equipment are clean and in order, and that sufficient foodstuffs and supplies are on hand to ensure efficient service. Examines incoming purchases for quality and to ensure that purchases are as specified in order. Approves invoices or bills for payment. Coordinates work of noncooking kitchen and storeroom workers engaged in activities, such as dishwashing, silver cleaning, and storage and distribution of foodstuffs and supplies. Establishes controls to guard against theft and wastage. Confers with EXECUTIVE CHEF or MANAGER, CATERING concerning banquet arrangements for food service, equipment, and extra employees. May plan and price menus, keep cost records, and establish budget controls to ensure profitable food service operation. May perform duties for recreational or business clubs. This job occurs in hotels as opposed to KITCHEN SUPERVISOR which occurs in restaurants and cafeterias.