Stevedoring Superintendent

Supervise activities of workers in loading and unloading of ship's cargoes.

What does a Stevedoring Superintendent do?

Supervises and coordinates activities of workers engaged in loading and unloading of ship’s cargoes: Studies bills of lading to determine sequence of loading operations, taking into consideration cargo space available, shipping instructions, and knowledge of cargo stowage. Calculates number of hours and personnel required for loading or unloading ship and places order for personnel. Inspects load-test certificates of ship’s booms and cargo handling gear to ensure they meet safety regulations, and that cargo will not exceed specified load capacity. Directs activities of workers engaged in loading or unloading materials requiring special handling, such as explosives, locomotives, and other machinery. Supervises workers engaged in checking and loading cargo to ensure that cargo is loaded in specified sequence and in accordance with shipping instructions. Prepares report of stevedoring activities, such as time, hours, personnel, cargo handling gear used, and submits report to accounting department. Inspects dock areas to ensure safety regulations are being observed. May supervise and coordinate activities of workers engaged in loading and unloading barges. May supervise container-handling activities and be designated Stevedoring Superintendent, Container Handling.