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Operate machines to press face of composed type.

What does a Stereotyper do?

Operates machines to press face of composed type and plates into wood-fiber mat to form stereotype casting mold, pour molten metal into mold, and finish castings by cutting, shaving, and trimming to form plates for printing: Drills matching holes in series of mounted color plates to be duplicated and inserts pilot pins in base to register all plates to key plate for mat molding. Lays sheet of mat paper on form or plates, covers assembly with molding blanket and protective sheet, and pushes assembly to self-feeding rollers of mat-rolling machine or into cavity of hydraulic press. Adjusts time, temperature, and pressure controls to form and dry mold. Cuts and pastes pieces of paper felt or cardboard in large nonprinting areas of mat to prevent collapse during casting of plate. Aligns and notches mats of series with key color mat, using matching machine with monocolor magnifier attachment. Aligns notches with pins of trimming machine and pushes lever to trim three edges of mat simultaneously. Lays mat on casting box platen and arranges steel bars on three sides of mat to confine molten type metal. Pours metal into casting box by hand or operates automatic stereotype plate-casting machine. Trims plates to specified size [PLATE FINISHER]. Coats curved plates with nickel [PLATER]. May register series of color plates and mats by transparent acetate overlay process. May be designated according to task performed as Stereotype Caster; Stereotype Molder.