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Stencil Maker

Lay out and cut stencils used to print multicolor designs on rugs.

What does a Stencil Maker do?

Lays out and cuts stencils used to print multicolor designs on rugs, using opaque projector, knife, pencil, and brushes: Draws pencil copy of symmetrical design on tracing paper according to specified dimensions. Projects and enlarges scale drawing of nonsymmetrical design on tracing paper, using opaque projector, and reproduces enlargement, using pencil. Lays out shape of each stencil on drawing and traces shape onto stencil paper. Cuts stencil from paper, using knife. Brushes shellac onto stencils and attaches stencils to frames, using handtools. May attach wires to brace frames. Prepares proof copy and inspects for accuracy of design reproduction. May mix paints to obtain specified colors for printing.