Create the foundation of buildings or bridges by securing huge metal beams.

What does a Steelworker do?

Steel is a hard and durable material used in the construction of cars, bridges, and buildings, to name just a few. A Steelworker might help build roads or holding tanks, sweat it out in a steel mill, or more commonly, work as part of a construction team. If you love working with your hands and gaining satisfaction from a hard day’s work, then a career as a Steelworker might be a good choice for you.

Most Steelworkers spend their days at a construction site. Whether the project is a bridge or the newest skyscraper in town, you’re the one who connects the pieces. Like a giant erector set, the massive steel beams, girders, and columns arrive at the site predrilled and ready for assembly. The only problem is that they weigh more than a hundred men can lift, so you often have to construct the crane that will carry them as well.

Once the Crane Operator maneuvers the columns into place, it’s your job to secure the pieces together. It’s a good thing that you’re a master of blueprints so you know what pieces go where. You use a variety of techniques to secure the girders, including welding or good, old-fashioned (if not gigantic) nuts and bolts.

If you have a fear of heights, this isn’t the job for you. You often spend your days balanced on a platform several stories above the ground. When not perched where the air is thinner, you might lay out, cut, and weld pieces of steel together in a factory.