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Steel Pourer Helper

Assist Steel Pourers in pouring molten metal into molds.

What does a Steel Pourer Helper do?

Assists STEEL POURER in pouring molten metal into molds: Places equipment, such as shovels, water hose, and boards on pouring platform. Counts molds and caps to ensure specified number for pouring operation. Measures and marks molds to indicate specified filling heights, using tape and chalk. Weighs specified additives, and transports additives to pouring platform, using wheelbarrow. Shovels additives into molds to prevent metal from boiling and forming air bubbles inside ingot. Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR 921.663-010 to position hot-tops or steel plates on filled molds to retard cooling of steel. Pours sample of molten steel into test mold for laboratory analysis. Sprays mold covers with water to cool covers. Signals OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR to remove covers from molds after steel has solidified. Removes bricks from ladles that require relining and sets stopper assemblies and nozzles in relined ladles, using bars, sledge, and handtools. Performs other duties as described under HELPER Master Title.