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Steam Turbine Engineer

Design and install machines that turn steam into energy.

What does a Steam Turbine Engineer do?

Steam turbines are machines that use steam to make energy. More specifically, they have blades of different sizes sitting at different angles, and when steam hits them, they turn and create energy. Turbines can be different sizes and are used to power different things. For example, small steam turbines power pumps and compressors, while big ones create energy for entire plants, like electrical power plants. A Steam Turbine Engineer’s job is to design, install, and maintain these machines.

Steam turbines turn faster than other types of turbines, like water or wind. As a Steam Turbine Engineer, you need to be on top of your game when it comes to checking up on them. You do regular checks to look for parts that are getting worn out or broken. You also replace parts as needed, and make sure everything is clean, well oiled, and working at the highest capacity. Different specialized computer programs help you run diagnostic tests. And when you find a problem, you use your expertise as a Steam Turbine Engineer to find ways to fix it.

When designing a new turbine, you usually work with a team, which can include other Mechanical Engineers, Builders, and manufacturers. You form your action plan, create a timeline, and establish a budget that the team will stick to. While it’s important that your turbines are of the highest quality, you don’t want to break the bank either.