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Steam Service Inspector

Install, inspect, and repair underground steam mains.

What does a Steam Service Inspector do?

Installs, inspects, and repairs underground steam mains and auxiliary equipment: Turns valve to shut off steam and to blow steam from pipe section to be worked on, using valve key, wrench, or special bar. Places pipe in previously dug ditch and bolts or welds pipe sections together, using handtools or welding equipment. Cuts threads and fits pipe [PIPE FITTER], and fastens expansion joint over connection by turning couplings with wrench. Installs or replaces auxiliary equipment, such as pressure regulating valves, gaskets, and steam traps, using pipefitting tools. Enters manholes periodically and examines steam lines and equipment for vapor leakage or loose connections and feels street surface above mains for heat indicative of steam leakage. Repacks expansion joints and repairs steam traps and other defective equipment. Operates motorized pump to remove water from flooded manholes. May repair steam meters.