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Statistics Professor



Teach university students about statistics.

What does a Statistics Professor do?

On the surface, your talents seem straightforward. A mind like a human calculator, a passion for teaching, and significant job experience in your field make you the ideal candidate to step into a Statistics Professor’s role. Yet as a Statistics Professor, you focus on a very different subject from the rest of your colleagues: You teach your students to predict the future.

Statistics uses mathematical formulas to determine the most likely outcome of a situation. It’s a subject that has applications in virtually every career, from marketing to engineering. Yet all that math can scare away students, so it’s up to you as a Statistics Professor to find creative and engaging ways to teach the subject.

Your lectures are filled with examples and hands-on projects to drill students on what they’ve learned. In between class sessions, you spend your time grading tests, planning your next lesson, and performing your own calculations for projects the university is involved in. You also keep regular office hours so struggling students can come to you with their questions.

What you teach your students goes beyond the classroom. You’re preparing them for the real world. They’ll learn how an Advertising Designer can calculate the most popular trends in marketing, and how a guy can deduce the chances of the girl he just asked on a date saying yes. Whether your students become Biologists or Bridge Engineers, statistics will play a large role in their future success.

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