Statistical Clerk

Compile data and compute statistics for use in statistical studies.

What does a Statistical Clerk do?

Compiles data and computes statistics for use in statistical studies, using calculator and adding machine: Compiles statistics from source materials, such as production and sales records, quality control and test records, personnel records, timesheets, survey sheets, and questionnaires. Assembles and classifies statistics, following prescribed procedures. Computes statistical data according to formulas, using calculator. May compile and compute statistics, using computer. May verify authenticity of source material. May be designated according to type of statistics compiled as Census Clerk; Mileage Clerk; Production-Statistical Clerk; Sales-Record Clerk; Steam-Plant Records Clerk; Time-Analysis Clerk; Traffic Enumerator. May compile actuarial statistics, charts, and graphs and be designated Actuarial Clerk. May compile data and statistics from media guides and team data for use during televised sporting event and be designated Statistician.