State Superintendent of Schools

Oversee educational programs for an entire state.

What does a State Superintendent of Schools do?

Kids catch the bus in the early morning and return each afternoon with energized minds and a backpack full of homework. During the hours they are at school, they’re exposed to myriad topics, all intended to prepare them for the next level of education. Although it might seem like a textbook process of learning, there’s more to it than meets the eye. Just ask the State Superintendent of Schools.

The State Superintendent of Schools knows what it really takes to make a child’s education accessible. That’s because they oversees everything from Teacher ‘s wages to lunch programs.

As a State Superintendent of Schools, you have your work cut out for you. First, there’s the constant challenge of budgets. Every two years, you must figure out how the money you receive can adequately serve the programs you need. That means scrutinizing every sports, lunch, and transportation program across the state.

Because the budget is such a key component of your job, you spend plenty of time in meetings with the school board, District Superintendents, and Lawmakers. Not only do you listen and learn, but you also share information, create meeting agendas, address statewide or districts needs, and discuss available resources.

When you’re not crunching numbers, you’re evaluating the effectiveness of the educational programs that you have in place for kindergarten through twelfth grade students across your state. You analyze test results (the leading measure of performance), consider community characteristics of each district, and take aim at helping all students graduate from high school.