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Standard Machine Stitcher

Operate stitching machines to join or decorate shoe parts.

What does a Standard Machine Stitcher do?

Operates single, double, or multiple-needle stitching machine to join or decorate shoe parts, or to reinforce edges: Selects spool of thread or prewound bobbin, places spool or bobbin on spindle or looper, and draws thread through guides and needles. Aligns parts and presses knee control or pedal to raise presser foot or roller. Positions parts under needle and lowers presser foot or roller. Presses foot or knee control to start machine and guides parts under needle, following seams, edges, or markings, or moves edges of part against guide. Cuts excess thread or material from shoe parts, using scissors or knife. When operating double or multiple-needle machine, may turn setscrew on needle bar and position one or more needles as specified. May be designated according to shoe parts stitched as Back-Seam Stitcher; Box-Toe Stitcher. May be designated according to machine operated as Flatbed Stitcher; Zig-Zag Stitcher. May be designated according to number of needles in machine operated as Double-Needle Stitcher; Multiple-Needle Stitcher; Single-Needle Stitcher. May be designated: Backstay Stitcher; Barrer And Tacker; Binding Stitcher; Buckle Sewer, Machine; California Seamer; Counter-Pocket Sewer; Cover Maker; Cut-Out Stitcher; Edge Stitcher; Fancy Stitcher; Flare Stitcher; Gore Inserter; Insole Tape Stitcher, UCO; Label Stitcher; Lining Closer; Lining Stitcher; Lining-Strap Closer; Lining Vamper; Neverslip Stitcher; Postbed Stitcher; Quarter-Lining Stitcher; Rand Sewer; Saddle Stitcher; Saddle-Lining Stitcher; Seam-Stay Stitcher; Shank Stitcher; Sock-Lining Stitcher; Stitcher, Utility; Strap Stitcher; Tape Stitcher; Tip Stitcher; Toe-Lining Closer; Tongue And Quarter Stitcher; Tongue-Lining Stitcher; Tongue Stitcher; Top Stitcher; Underlay Stitcher; Upper Stitcher; Vamp Stitcher; Welting Stitcher, Front; Wrapper Stitcher.