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Stamping Die Maker

Lay out, machine, fit, assemble, and finish metal castings and parts.

What does a Stamping Die Maker do?

Lays out, machines, fits, assembles, and finishes metal castings and parts to make and repair stamping dies, analyzing specifications and applying knowledge of die design and construction: Studies blueprints of product and die, prototype products, and die models. Visualizes structure and function of die and plans operations, applying knowledge of shop mathematics, machining and assembly methods, properties of sheet metal under pressure, and metal-forming presses. Measures, marks, and scribes castings and stock for machining. Sets up and operates machine tools, such as lathe, milling machine, radial drill press, shaper, and grinder, to machine parts to specifications, and verifies conformance of machined parts to specifications [TOOL-MACHINE SET-UP OPERATOR]. Lifts machined parts manually or using hoist, and positions them on worktable or surface plate for assembly. Shapes, smooths, and fits flat and contoured surfaces of die members and parts, using handtools, such as stones, files, and powered grinders [DIE FINISHER]. Verifies dimensions, clearances, and alignment of members and parts in die, using dial indicators, gauge blocks, thickness gauges, and micrometers. Dowels and bolts parts together, using handtools, such as hammers and wrenches. Connects wiring and hydraulic lines to install electric and hydraulic components. Fits and assembles components for mechanical action within die. May operate power press, perform final shaping and smoothing operations on die in press, and inspect sheet metal product, to complete tryout of die [DIE-TRY-OUT WORKER, STAMPING]. May only repair dies and be designated Die Repairer, Stamping.