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Stamp Specialist

Estimate value or rate stamp collections with expert knowledge.

What does a Stamp Specialist do?

What began as a proof of delivery payment has evolved into an art. From Elvis to Betty Boop to the American flag, stamps are a part of pop culture. And as such, they’re as collectible as books, records, posters, folk art, or any other representation of history.

Because stamps cover such a wide range of topics and time periods, they also range widely in value. The main job of the Stamp Specialist is to estimate that value.

As with all collectibles, value is in the eye of the beholder. Collectors have different interests — they might target the 1950s, entertainers, or anything military-related, to name just a few. As a Stamp Specialist, you know about all types of stamps, and collectors can come to you with questions. Who knows, you might even run a booth at the Antiques Roadshow.

In addition to answering questions and making value estimates, you help connect buyers with sellers. You might have an eBay store, list your stamps on Craigslist, or simply hand out email addresses.

In reality, the stamp-collecting world is a small one, and Stamp Specialists connect through the Internet, conventions, auctions, and word of mouth. You might work from a back room of your house, or tackle Manager and Business Owner responsibilities by running your own store.

Since you hold the title of “Specialist,” you could even write a reference guide about the different types, qualities, histories, and values of stamps.