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Stained Glass Glazier

Select and cut colored glass for use in stained-glass windows.

What does a Stained Glass Glazier do?

Selects and cuts colored glass for use in stained-glass windows in churches, memorials, and residences, following original pattern: Selects bits of glass of color, thickness, and texture that will yield color shade shown in original design. Selects and places one piece of glass over another if exact color cannot be found. Cuts glass according to various shapes of pattern pieces, using glasscutter. Assembles glass, according to design, and solders joints of lead stripping between glass pieces. May reinforce with steel rods. Repairs stained glass windows by replacing broken glass and straightening buckled sections. Repairs stained glass lamp shades by replacing broken glass and soldering joints of lead stripping. When assembling glass between lead strippings only, may be designated Joiner.