Stained Glass Artist

Envision and create beautiful, transparent pieces of art.

What does a Stained Glass Artist do?

Stained Glass Artists create intricate and colorful pieces using techniques that date back a thousand years. They can create two-dimensional works-such as windows-or three-dimensional pieces using glass-blowing techniques. The style and scope of Stained Glass Artists’ pieces are limited only by their creative vision as Artists.

When working as a Stained Glass Artist in a studio, you create beautiful and intricate pieces using a variety of materials, like sand, metal, and wood. To begin, you produce glass in every hue of the rainbow using different colored sands. Depending on the project, you may then join small pieces of glass together to create mosaic-like windows, or take larger panes to devise 3D works of art.

When contracted to do work for a client, it’s your responsibility to fit the work of art to their exact desires. As with any type of artistic expression, integrating symbolic or meaningful designs may be an important aspect of your work. You also help clients decide the scale of a project based on their budget and structural needs.

In addition to being an Artist, part of your job is to judge the structural constraints of a window that must be incorporated into a building. In this sense, you both act as and work with an Architect. You need to be familiar with the standard specifications that glass windows must meet, as well as how to safely integrate your breakable artwork into existing structures.