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Stacker Tender

Tend control panels that control raising and lowering of stacking tables.

What does a Stacker Tender do?

Tends control panel that controls raising and lowering of stacking tables in veneer bins, and conveyor that conveys stacks of veneer sheets from filled bins for further processing: Observes control panel lights to determine status of each bin being loaded and pulls lever to lower veneer stacking table of respective bin to unloading position when panel light indicates bin is full. Paints identifying information on end of veneer stack, using paint spray can. Pushes buttons to open bin gate and to activate conveyor to convey veneer stack from bin for further processing. Pushes lever to raise veneer stacking table to loading position. Observes control panel lights to detect faulty operation of stacking machine and stops conveyor and machine when malfunction occurs. Pulls lever on control panel or releases valve manually at bin to lower stacking table and pulls jammed veneer sheet into bin. Pushes button to start timer whenever machine breakdowns occur and records downtime according to type of machine breakdown.