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Stable Owner

Take care of horses and riders at your own stable.

What does a Stable Owner do?

If horses are your love and passion, then why not turn that love into an income? Stable Owners spend every day caring for horses that they own or board on their property. Racehorses, performance horses, pet horses-whatever the breed or use, Stable Owners provide for them all.

Your day as a Stable Owner begins with a trip to the stables where you look over the horses in your care. The owners rely on you to administer first aid on their horses and call the career link veterinarian when necessary. You brush and clean them, provide fresh hay and water, and lead them out to pasture for the day. Then you muck out the stalls and provide fresh bedding for each horse.

When the basic care is done, you don your tool belt and check the fencing, barn, gates, and stalls for loose or broken boards. You clean out food and water containers, check supplies, and refill the feeding bins. You’re there when the career link farrier comes to shoe the horses, and you go to work when it’s time to deworm, clean teeth, give medicines, or provide other care.

Even during your downtime, there are still chores to take care of. You handle paperwork like contracts and bills, offer riding lessons, raise or purchase hay for the season, and provide special care for horses that are breeding. From the barn to the field, from sunrise to sunset, your day revolves around your equine family.